End-user Terms and Condition

The website lifecelebrating.com is operated by Share Their Life Srl which has drawn up legally unambiguous Terms & Conditions.
Please take the time to read following Terms & Conditions carefully.

1. Scope of applicability
The following Terms and Conditions form an integral part of every contract entered into between Share Their Life Srl, VAT Number 01708360936 based in Maniago, 33085, Italy (hereinafter ´´Provider´´) and the user (hereinafter ´´User´´) and the legal successors of both.

2. Formation of the contract
(1) The presentation of its services by the Provider, particularly in brochures, advertisements and on the internet, does not constitute a binding offer on the part of the Provider.

(2) A contract is formed only when an order is confirmed in writing or when the Provider begins to execute the service covered by the contract. The automatic order confirmation e-mail sent to the User does not constitute acceptance of the contract by the Provider.

(3) The User principally abandons the right of receiving a declaration of acceptance by the Provider. The conclusion of the contract takes place when the Provider promptly starts to process the instruction after receiving the order.

3. Contracted services
(1) Upon forming the contract, the User commissions the Provider to:
(1.1) create a web domain where he can: a. create web-profiles as owner of the web profile. A web profile represents a webs space where the User can store images, documents, sentence and others online data within the data-format (in terms of technology format usually recognized by the file extension: jpg, jpeg, …) allowed by the Provider. As an owner of a profile the User has the right to moderate the contents uploaded in the profile, deciding the level of privacy within the opportunities offered by the Privacy Policy;
(1.2) participate to a web-profile as a guest. A guest has the right of uploading images, documents, sentence and others online data in the data-format (in terms of technology format usually recognized by the file extension: jpg, jpeg, …) allowed by Provider and within the privacy rights decided by the owner of the profile.

(2) Within the privacy condition established by the web-profile owner a User has the right of ordering a printed product or multiple printed products. For this purpose, the Provider makes an online software program (hereinafter ´´Software´´) available free of charge to the User by way of the website www.lifecelebrating.com. This enables the User to upload the images to be printed to the server of the Provider, as well as editing them.

(3) The Provider grants a single, non-transferable right to the User to use the software for personal purposes only. The license details are governed by the End-User License Agreement (EULA).

4. Obligations of the User
(1) The Provider processes the data and image products supplied by the User using an automated technical procedure that does not involve manual checks and corrections. By uploading files, the User confirms that he/she has the right to distribute and reproduce the content and materials contained in these files.
(2) The User guarantees that the content and materials contained in the transmitted files does not infringe applicable laws. The User guarantees in particular that:
a) no illegal documents, materials or content, or anything constituting incitement to commit crimes, will be transmitted to the Provider;
b) no youth protection laws or provisions of the criminal code are infringed upon;
c) the documents (particularly image and text files), materials and content transmitted to the Provider do not infringe any copyrights, trademarks or other property rights of third parties, or general personal rights or other rights of third parties;
d) the User accept to be solely responsible for the contents (photo, data, sentence, etc.) published.

(3) The User grants to the Provider a right to use the submitted data and image products for the purposes of creating the printed products.

5. Inspection, blocking and deletion of content
The Provider is entitled to inspect the content provided by the User to establish its legality. Should the Provider determine that the content infringes any applicable laws, the Provider is entitled to delete or block the content of the User without prior notification. In the event of the content constituting a criminal offence, the Provider reserves the right to report the matter to the relevant law enforcement authorities.

6. Restrictions
The User is permitted to store, manipulate, analyze, reformat, print, and display the Content only for personal use. Unauthorized use of the Service, or the resale of the Services without Provider´s prior written consent, is expressly prohibited. The User shall not copy, license, sell, transfer, transmit, make available, distribute, publish, or assign this license or the Content in any format to any third party.

7. Payment and delivery conditions
(1) The purchase price is due immediately upon formation of the contract.

(2) In order to pay the purchase price, the User may choose among the payment methods indicated during the ordering process. Fees applicable for the Service are available at www.lifecelebrating.com and as published within the service. The Provider reserves the right to change the Fees or applicable charges at any time, upon thirty (30) days prior notice to the User, which may be sent by e-mail.

(3) The User may cancel his/her subscription at any time through Provider support. In the event the User cancel the Service, the Provider will not refund any Fees already paid (monthly or annual fees).

(4) In case the User has bought the product through an Authorized Reseller (hereinafter: “Reseller”) the following rules will be applied:

(4.1) The Provider will give to the User a summary of the characteristics of the product ordered to the Reseller

(4.2) The money paid to the Reseller for the Provider’s products will be deducted from the total bill.

(4.3 )The User has the right of having the Reseller ordered product without any additional charges if the order is developed within 6 months after the payment to the Reseller. In case the User orders the product to the Provider after 6 months from the payment to the Reseller the Provider has the right of charging eventually price difference.

(4.4) Any difference between the product ordered to the Reseller and the Final product ordered to the Provider ( number of pages, cover changes, etc. ) will be charged to the User considering the Price List of the moment of the order to the Provider.

(4.5) The eventually money paid to the Reseller is not a legal obligation to the Provider. The prepaid money has to be intent as a deposit hold by the Reseller. The User agreed that if he or she doesn’t go further after paying to the Reseller the deposit, nothing could be asked to the Provider. The Customer keeps the right of acting against the Reseller for the prepaid deposit.

8. Exclusion of guarantee
No warranty is provided that the printed materials will not fade or that they are water resistant, unless the Provider explicitly issues a written guarantee to this effect (e.g. UV-coated printing or lamination).

9. Period of limitation / Obligation to inspect goods for defects immediately upon receipt
(1) The period of limitation for claims resulting from liability in respect of defects is 24 months, starting from when the purchased item is transferred to the purchaser. Should the User be a commercial party (as recognized by the Italian Low), the period of limitation is 12 months after transferral of the item.

(2) Persons acting in a commercial capacity are subject to the legal provisions and obligation to inspect goods for defects immediately upon receipt as provided for in the German Commercial Code.

10. Limitation of liability / Indemnification
(1) The Provider is only liable for damages, other than those involving injury to life, limb or health, if such damage results from an intentional act or gross negligence or from the culpable infringement of a material contractual obligation by the Provider, its staff or other vicarious agents. This also applies to damages that result from negligence in respect of contractual negotiations and the commission of tortious acts. Any further liability for damages is excluded.

(2) Other than in the case of an intentional or grossly negligent act being committed, in the event of the infringement of a material contractual obligation or injury to life, limb or health by the Provider, its staff or other vicarious agents, liability is limited to damages typically foreseen at the time of the formation of the contract and is, moreover, limited to the amount of the average damages awarded in disputes deriving from similar contracts. This also applies to indirect damages, particularly loss of earnings.

(3) Paragraph 9 of these Terms and Conditions remains unaffected, as do the provisions of the Product Liability Act.

11. Data security; Access control
(1) The Provider guarantees a high standard of data security conformant to the current state of technology. The User bears sole responsibility for the data security of data and information that the User has saved; the Provider does not save (back up) any data or information.

(2) The images supplied by the User to the Provider will be made available according to privacy settings defined by the user.

12. Customer information
a. Information about the Provider.

Share Their Life Srl
P.za Nicolò, 11/e
33085 (PN)

Email: [email protected]

Registered in the commercial Register at the Pordenone Local Court
Commercial Register code: PN-98173, Pordenone
Sales tax (VAT) identification number: 01708360936

Information regarding the right of withdrawal and notification.

(1) The User as a consumer (in accordance with Italian Law on e-commerce), may withdraw in writing (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) from his/her acceptance of the contract within a period of 10 days without having to provide reasons. If the User has already taken possession of the item before the end of this period, withdrawal from the contract is enacted by returning the item. The period within which this right can be enforced begins once this notification has been sent in writing, however not before the formation of the contract and also not before Provider’s obligations to inform have been fulfilled.

(2) If the User has received the ordered product he/she must return it at his/her expanses to the Provider within a period of 15 days and the goods have to be received without any damage. In case of damaged products received the User will be responsible and the Provider will charge him/her the whole amount the damage.

(3) The Provider has to reimburse the User within a period of 30 days after the reception of the withdrawing communication in writing form.

(4)According to the Italian low on e-commerce the right of withdrawal is not valid for contracts covering the delivery of goods that we have produced based on your specifications, goods that were clearly produced to meet your personal needs or goods that are not suitable to be sent back on account of their nature.

The notice of withdrawal has to be sent to:

Share Their Life Srl
Piazza Nicolò, 11/E
33085 Maniago (PN)