The celebration of a life that left indelible traces of its passage

Words are never enough to describe how special a person has been in life. Picture can make the memories even richer, to be remembered forever. All the memorial contents can be gathered to create a more moving and complete story. Rendering those who are so dear eternally unforgettable with a Memorial Website.


    Where memories meet and tell

    Share Their Life automatically puts all the contents relating to a date/period in a timeline, dividing it into temporal units that extend from decades to single years arriving at details of days, hours and minutes. Day after day, memories will be rebuilt and will represent the most relevant moments of a person’s life, the person to whom Share Their Life is dedicated. A slideshow will enable the vision and enjoyment of the time line, and new stories can always be added.


    A bouquet of themes and styles, to remember a unique person

    Celebrating the life of our loved ones that have passed away means keeping their memories alive, remembering their life and individual experiences, their personality and character, telling stories and reliving special moments. We have created a stylish range of models that are easily customizable, allowing you to coordinate the web profile, the register book and photo album.


    Create and share with relatives and friends of your loved one

    Our web 2.0 features allow you to select and import contents from the principle social networks: Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, Instagram, Foursquare, Tumblr and others will be added, ensuring that no traces will be lost on the web. Inviting friends from the most popular social networks has never been easier: quick and fast, it helps in building the online profile with just few clicks.


    At Share Their Life, privacy comes first

    Celebrating our loved ones’ life means deciding whom we want to share these memories with. As the only one, with a group of relatives and friends, or freely open to the public, so that everyone is allowed to take part in the celebration. All data is stored in secure servers, to which only you can access at any time.


    From web to print,
    easier than it has ever been

    Share Their Life allows you to select the most beautiful pictures from the online memorial to create a Celebrating book with our online software, which is free, requires no installation and it’s really quick and easy to use.
    Once the book gets created, it is sent to print and automatically published on the online profile as “flipbook”, ready to be shared with people that cannot actually touch the quality of the printed copy. Visitors of the memorial site are allowed to leaf through the album, leaving their comments and thoughts and consequently enriching the web profile.